Grade 8 Award of Excellence

The Lakehead Public Schools Foundation is very proud to sponsor the Grade 8 Award of Excellence, inspired by Walter Poshtar. Walter Poshtar was a Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal for the Fort William Board of Education mainly at the Intermediate level. Mr. Poshtar saw Grade 8 students as vital, inquisitive, caring, and above all, involved in life itself. The key requirements of the Grade 8 Poshtar Award: achievement and citizenship are integral components of this award.

The Grade 8 Award of Excellence recognizes individuals who have achieved high standards of academic excellence as well as demonstrating leadership within the school and our community. Through their daily actions within our schools and in our community, these students truly personify the Lakehead Public Schools Values of:

  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Responsibility

Studies prove that students are more successful in school when they are supported by their parents and guardians. Our annual Grade 8 Award of Excellence celebration is a testament to the dedication of the parents and guardians of the award recipients. Thank you, families and extended families, for your ongoing support and encouragement of your child’s education now and into the future.

We celebrate the successes of these outstanding Grade 8 students and wish them well on their future aspirations. We know that these students will have an everlasting impact on our schools and our community.

Secondary Scholarships

The Lakehead Public Schools Foundation is dedicated to the raising of funds in support of students who attend Lakehead Public Schools. Awards are currently presented to graduating secondary students. Two awards are available to each campus (Hammarskjold High School, Superior C. & V. I., Lakehead Adult Education Centre, and Westgate C. & V. I.).

Each year monetary recognition is made to students who illustrate the following criteria:

  • A graduating student from a Lakehead Public Schools secondary school with the goal of post-secondary studies (post secondary institutions: college, university, trades training).
  • A student who has overcome significant challenges (personal life, learning challenges, family issues, etc.) and may not consider themselves eligible for an award.
  • A student who has illustrated a solid work ethic. A student who has demonstrated a determined effort to achieve. This award is in recognition and support of a bright future.
  • A student who is not a recipient of other academic awards (though in some cases they may receive other awards for integrity, hard work, dedication, etc.)
  • A student who will provide confirmation of acceptance of their post-secondary institution or program, as appropriate.

The student will be chosen by the secondary principal in partnership with school staff (may include the custodian, secretary, Student Services counsellor, etc.). No application process is necessary.

Award History

2005 – Present

Two individual awards per secondary school/site of $1000.00

  • Trades Destination (post secondary institution or program)
  • General/Open (post secondary institution or program)


$1500.00 per secondary school/site

Sum may be divided into two awards if the school chooses

Student Assistance Fund

In an effort to enhance learning opportunities for all Lakehead Public Schools students, The Lakehead Public Schools Foundation is proud to introduce a Student Assistance Fund (SAF) for the 2012-2013 school year. The SAF will target all students within the Lakehead Public Schools system and will assist schools in helping students realize their dreams.

The LPSF will be distributing $500 to each elementary school and $1000 to each secondary school for a total of $17,500 for each school year. These funds will be used to help students meet some of the challenging financial needs that face them throughout the school year. Funds distributed through this initiative will be used for a variety of areas where students may need financial assistance, such as: field trip fees, uniforms, team fees, nutrition, eye and ear care, clothing, and emergency shelter situations.

You can help make a difference in a student’s life by donating to the Student Assistance Fund today. Please visit the donate page here or call 625-5158.

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